Song of dedication: Of Monsters and Men – Wolves Without Teeth N.S If there was anything I despised in this pretty little world I was disillusioned with,ย it was you. 14 year old me, 15 year old me, 16 year old me, I was constantlyย seething with anger whenever we stood in the same path. You didn’t […]

17 years old

I’ve stayed stagnant for years; lying or leaning against something due to the tiredness of doing nothing, but only moving my fingers against screens and buttons, and endlessly talking in my head. At some point of my life I wondered if I had turned into a robot. But robots don’t speak so loudly in their […]

I miss you

“I missย you.” ย  ย  MISS1 /mษชs/ verb ย  1.ย notice the loss or absence of. feel regret or sadness at no longer being able to enjoy the presence of. ย feel regret or sadness at no longer being able to go to, do, or have. ย  Is it called missing someone because we notice their absence, feel […]