My name’s Amirah. Full name Nuramirah Binte Jani. Some of you might know me from Ma’arif (my high school) while some of you might be hearing my name for the first time, just because you came across this site somehow.

And just because you stumbled upon this by sheer chance, here’s a homely welcome for you.

I’m not a person who talks much. That’s because I do most of the talking in my head. This blog consists few of the infinitely growing number of things I think about over a period of my young adult years. I should warn you that most of them are quite depressing as I only possess the author persona when I’m in that state.

If you wish to see other sides of me that aren’t very gloomy, you may visit my other social media accounts that I use as abodes to other pieces of myself. One of which I greatly express my love for mother nature.

Another of which I express my thoughts critically on global issues and memes.

Another of which I express my guilty pleasure of photographic aesthetics.