As For Me, All I Know Is That I Know Nothing

The seen often shapes percipience.

My consistent artworks almost automatically make people assume who I am and who I will become. “Amirah – art. Art – Amirah. Amirah = artist.” I cannot, to a certain extent, defy them because I’ve seen myself that way too, but…

I came to realise that my body was somewhat designed to project art. Some call it ‘talent’ but the appellation is still a vague concept to my sagacity. My physique- limbs, fingertips, cells and tissues – were purposed to project art. This flair is who my body is. But who I am, as an existing, living being, as me, I am philosophy. I am not into philosophy like how I am into figure skating and criminology psychology. I am philosophy.

Yes, I’ve found it. I’ve found not where my talent belongs but where I, as a composition of heart, mind and soul, am being possessed from.

All praise be to God. Thank you for showing my atman her home. 


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