When the heart breaks

I’ve seen it with my own two eyes.

I’ve seen it happen to people.

I’ve seen it happen to myself.

It’s happening to almost everyone, without anyone noticing.

I’m not asking why we fall in love because the answer is infinite. I’m asking why we fall in love, pour our all only to misunderstand, fightย with different levels of forbearance, nobbutย to part later with unspoken explanations, break our hearts into two and watch love bloom within us again in merely two weeks.

Why do some people move on so fast?

There’s no manual to this.ย Have you seen how many people struggleย forcing themselves to move on from a heartbreak? This phenomenon occursย naturally.


A’s heart is filled with love for B. Due to some unfortunate events, A gets her heart broken into two. A goes through 5 stages of grief. Since her heart is broken into two, half of it wanders around in search for another piece to lean onto. A findsย C. A thinks C is a heaven-sent, like the weather in spring bringing life to cherry blossoms. A believes she’s in love with Cย and flies to cloud 9. But do birds fly forever? After some time, the other half of A’s broken heart makes itself known and dominant, conquering her sentimentsย with longing for B. Emotional mishmash. When the heart breaks into two, it is only easier to love two at once.ย 

So does A really love C?

Or is A just infatuated by C?

Does A really love C but just misses B?

Is A really over B?

Look around. It’s happening, isn’t it?

Liking someone is easy but escalating it into a proper relationship requires concrete feelings. Those butterflies in our stomachs, those lumps in our throats, those fractures on our hearts, those ‘floating from the ground’ experiences… feelings areย exploited just because they’re the unseen and versatile. How you treat people and cause them to feel certain things can either make them or break them. Please handle them – feelings – with care; they’re fragile.


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