Escape Route

I’ve been thinking about it since 1st May. I mean, I’ve thought of it before, but I’veย given it more thought nowadays than ever.

My escape.

I’ve read Paper Towns by John Green and I thought the girl was mad at first… butย then I came to realise how alike we were.

I loved mysteries so much, I became one – one that I myself can’t solve.

But to solve a mystery, it has to have a beginning. And my beginning is about two years from now; I have two years to sort out my escape route from this life of mine. I have two years to find out how to leave this life without dying, and be someone else without ‘reincarnating’.

I’ve thought about it – my escape route. How I’m going to drop hints here and there for people around me regardless if they notice or not, how I’m going to disappear so suddenly one day and give them the biggest impact of their life.

I am going to disappear on my own free will. Disappear, not from the face of this Earth, but from this small suffocating world of intellects and relatives and people who walk pass byย meย like air, and million dollar cars that burn the air.

I will no longer be the air you pass by,ย and I won’t be burnt.

Of course, when you realise this, it mightย already be too late.




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